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Today is May 13, 2021 -

Holocaust Program

Thank you Neil Garfinkle for providing us with this excellent program. Thanks to David Brown and Debbie Lewis for sharing with us their family stories on Holocaust Remembrance Day.
The first picture below  is from Debbie Lewis, showing her mother’s school photo from 1937. My mother is in the front row, third from the right side. Her cousin is beside her to her right. My aunt Zisl is in the row behind her and one to the left. The significance of this image is that of the entire group, only my mother and Ola survived. I show it to students to emphasis that 1.5 million children were murdered in the Shoah, each of whom was an individual with hopes, talents, dreams and a future. I want students to go beyond the numbers and come to see that these children were not numbers or objects, but people just like them. 

Crayon Project

The photo below shows the crayon project that our member Flora Frank organized with our religious school students many years ago. The next time you are in temple and you walk by it, focus on 1 crayon, and think about a survivor you might know, or a victim you might have learned about.