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Today is July 23, 2019 -

Special Note and Prayer From Rabbi Roth

We have all gone through a trying time this week as hurricane Sandy struck our shores. Some of us have been spared any harm – but for many others there have been incalculable losses, tragic deaths and injuries caused by the storm. Some have seen their homes damaged or destroyed, and the loss or power has caused suffering for so many.

We pray to You God, for the ability to offer comfort and aid to those facing heartbreaking loss and to those who are hungry, homeless, cold and vulnerable. We open our hearts to them. We pray that wells of human compassion will be open to them and that the chaos of their lives will be alleviated.

This Shabbat when we gather for we will pray asking God to be with us, and to be with the First Responders and with those who are engaged in the work of rescue. May they find the strength and courage to alleviate suffering, to heal injury and to restore the services and infrastructure upon which our lives are built.

This Shabbat during our services we will bentsch Gomel as a group, that is, recite our traditional prayer of gratitude for successfully encountering a life-threatening experience.

May God help us to get through the next few days and weeks with courage, strength, and faith ready to give support, encouragement, and love to those in need. May God be with us as we rebuild that which has been lost. Amen.