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Today is September 19, 2017 -

Bnei Mitzvah Instruction

Bnei Mitzvah Instruction at the FLJC

Bar Mitzvah Reading TorahIt is truly my honor and privilege to work with families in preparation for an exciting Simcha. Typically, students begin working with me 7-9 months prior to the Bar/Bat Mitzvah and come to visit in my office for a weekly twenty-minute session. During these lessons we first focus on learning Haftarah chanting (including the cantillation system) and then subsequently, we branch out to study Torah chanting as well as many sections of Bar Mitzvah at Bimah with Cantor and Rabbi the Shabbat Tefillah. While every student is unique, it is not uncommon that our pupils will lead the Friday night Maariv Service, chant sections of the Torah Service and sing parts of the Shabbat morning liturgy. It is most important to me that the student feels comfortable and confident in whatever materials they chant for the congregation. Ultimately, my goal is to give the students the skill sets necessary to be a knowledgeable adult Jew.

Equally important is our collective approach to family involvement! Specifically, we encourage the Bar Mitzvah with Cantor students family members to view this occasion as an ongoing rededication to Jewish study and the importance of community. Our bnei mitzvah families involve themselves through synagogue attendance on Shabbat and even active participation on the day of the Simcha! Families and students regularly support the weekday minyan the week prior to the Bar/Bat Mitzvah and thus, are afforded the opportunity to chant various sections of the prayers even before the Simcha itself ! I look forward to helping all prepare for a special time in a family’s life!
Mazel Tov!!!