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Our Committees

Committee Name



Ad Journal   Jeff Zerowin
Adult Education   Charles Cohen
Book of the Lunch   Roni Zerowin
Catering   Ritchard Rosen
The Catering committee acts as a liaison between our exclusive caterer and the Fair Lawn Jewish Center.
Cemetery   Susan Cohen
Constitution   Evan Marcus
Families with Young Children   Nancy Bach
Karen Berger
Finance   Jeff Zerowin
The Finance committee prepares the Center budget.
Fundraising   Andrea Pass
Scott Pass
Gifts and Memorials   Ken Spokony
The Gifts and Memorials committee seeks and approves donations and gifts from Center members and outside organizations that wish to honor or memorialize a group or individual. Based on a set of rules approved by the Center’s Board of Directors, the committee reviews requests and works with families or organizations to assure that the interests of all parties are considered. Anyone seeking to make a donation to the Center that has a monetary value of at least $5,000.00 should contact the Center’s Executive Director who will direct the request to the Committee. The Center maintains a list of open items that can be endowed at a family’s request. In the past, the committee has approved donations of works of art, endowments that name rooms in a person’e honor, and scholarships of all sorts.
House   Bert Wertheim
The House committee reviews and makes recommendations for all building maintenance.
Israel   Mike Siegel
Israel committee: The State of Israel, the ancestral and modern homeland of the Jewish people, is central to Judaism. The mission of the Israel Committee of the Fair Lawn Jewish Center/Congregation Bnai Israel is to support and promote Israel among congregants and the larger community. The Israel Committee brings speakers, films, lecturers, informational materials, and cultural programming to the community. Our aim is to increase awareness of Israel, encourage political action and advocacy relevant to Israel, promote travel to Israel, and provide opportunities for dialogue and education.
Keruv   Charles Cohen
Kiddush   Steven Montag
The Kiddush committee oversees the preparation and assembly of the traditional Shabbat Kiddush lunches along with specialty entrees and desserts for special occasions. We are also involved in maintaining order in the Pulka room kitchen, informing families about kitchen procedures, and helping guide members who want to sponsor a Shabbat Kiddush meal for the congregation. We are always looking for new ideas and volunteers to help implement them. The Kiddush Fund accepts contributions at all times for specific special occasions and to honor an event, person or memory.
Kol Nidre   Jeff Zerowin
Long Range Planning   Jeff Zerowin 
Membership   Carol Marcus
Membership committee: “Do not separate yourself from the community.” – Pirkei Avot 2:5. Hillel’s words remind us that Jews have an obligation to be part of their community. With these words in mind, the FLJC Membership Committee is working with the entire FLJC family to build a warm and welcoming environment to welcome new and prospective members. Our mission is to attract, welcome, integrate, and retain Center members and we are concerned with all aspects of membership, including introducing new members to the congregation, and integrating those new members into Center life. Each new FLJC member family is personally welcomed to the Center with personal attention from members of our committee, as well as our religious leadership, and we aim to include all members, new and old, in our activities. We also believe that the responsibility of attracting and retaining new members is shared across the entire FLJC community. We look forward to meeting and working with all of you.
Men’s Progress Club   Larry Bach
News & Views   Norma Pollack 
Personnel   Robin Baer 
Phone Directory   Seth Seigel-Laddy
Publicity   June Salzman 
Religious Affairs   Charles Cohen
David Kossoy
The Religious Affairs Committee is charged with the responsibility of overseeing all religious services, and working with the Rabbi and Cantor to provide our membership with the best possible service. They work “behind the scenes” to maintain our various ritual objects and members of our committee are responsible for the “mechanics” of the services (i.e., organizing Gabbaim and Ushers). Another area of responsibility includes education and raising the level of Jewish awareness of the congregation. Learning minyanim are available to those who would like to learn more about services, enabling them to be able to participate more freely. In cooperation with other committees and groups, such as Adult Education, Jewish Education, Men’s Progress Club and Sisterhood, we sponsor Jewish skills workshops and other learning programs. We also work with the Holiday Committee to plan special events for the different holidays. As you can see, we are very busy trying to enrich the lives of our members, making them feel part of a thriving Jewish congregation.
Religious School   Joe Schkolnick
Jay Murray
Religious School committee: Welcome to our innovative and successful Religious School! The FLJC Religious School has been growing and continuously improving its programs and events under the fine leadership of our school director, and the active members of the Religious School Committee. Our committee serves as an advisory board for the school director and as an active member of our Shul’s Board of Directors. Our Religious School Committee works closely with Rabbi Roth to support our school’s mission by representing the voices of our congregation and our school’s families. We meet monthly to set policies and guidelines, discuss suggestions and concerns, share ideas and assure our students receive the highest quality educational program possible. We welcome our family members to participate in our committee by sharing your thoughts, talents, and ideas. Please look for our flyers informing you of meeting dates, so you may join us in supporting your children’s education. It’s a worthy and rewarding opportunity for you and your family, as your involvement sends powerful messages to your children about how important their Judaic education truly is. We look forward to seeing you soon! You’ll especially enjoy our refreshments!
Security   Craig Mont
Sisterhood   Lisa Urbanski
Social Action   Nina Gold
The purpose of the Social Action Committee is to assist and facilitate the congregation’s participation in acts of tzedakah (charity) and tikkun olam (“repair of the world”).
Technology   Evan Marcus
Youth   Julie Kossoy
Youth committee: The Fair Lawn Jewish Center is committed to the future, our youth. We are a partner in a community-wide effort, co-sponsored by Temple Beth Shalom and the Glen Rock Jewish Center, providing activities for students in grades 4 -12.